The Best Digital Talent Marketplaces Are Educators

In their excellent annual survey, Freelancing in America, Upwork points out that freelancers are more committed to the work needed to update and improve their skills, and more proactive learners than traditional employees. Why? It shouldn’t be a surprise. Freelancers must keep their skills competitive and up to date. Whether a project manager or a software developer, your expertise is

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Millennials Earn 20% Less Than Baby Boomers Did – Despite Being Better Educated

Millennials are facing a shortfall compared to other generations when it comes to their paychecks. Overall, millennials earn 20% less than baby boomers did at the same stage of life, according to “The Emerging Millennial Wealth Gap,” a recent report from the nonprofit, nonpartisan think tank New America. Specifically, median earnings for those 18 to 34 are

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